Sussex v SLC-SGA at Haywards Heath 2021

Monday, 28 June 2021


    ‘Good company, lovely Ladies and competitive golf’ were the overriding comments from the men on the match report sheet. However it all started with sandwiches and various beverages before both Captains read out their pairings, with Rosemary showing some glee at the shots received by the ladies in each match.

     Battle commenced at 1.00pm and before long the dreaded rain appeared, with the odd clap of thunder in the distance.

Match 1

An amazing game which was closer than the score suggests. Level until the 8th after which the men ‘snuck’ ahead with the home Captain,  Niall Addison, playing magnificently. Keith and Niall triumphing over Rosemary and Fiona 4/3

Match 2

 The ladies, Jane and Janet, appeared to have the upper hand over Peter and David being 1 up on the 18th and then offering a half. Very generous gesture!

Match 3

Apparently a fun game but competitive with the Ladies,  Anne and Linda, giving it the fist pump at one stage. However home player, Mitch, and Peter prevailed to win 3/2.

Match 4

The Ladies, Nannette and Jenny, led throughout and playing very well. However Brian and Simon managed to pull it back to level after the 17th, at which point they decided on a half.

Match 5

It appears the men’s ‘star’, Nigel, and Peter had the upper hand throughout. Obviously not feeling sorry for Brenda and Elizabeth, the men finished the game on the 12th. 7/6

Match 6

This match started ominously for the men, as Nikki and Lil were 2 up after 3 holes. Ian and Ron clawed it back to level at the turn only to lose the next 2 holes. However stamina then told as the men moved ahead on the 14th to eventually win 3/1

Match 7

Local man Andy and Santa Wilkins were having a tight game to the turn, but then Brenda and Carol must have relaxed as the men sped off into the sunset’, said Andy, to win 6/4

Match 8

Harold and Bryan appeared to have a very close game wi9th Joanna and Liz but the men eventually won 1 up.

Match 9

John was after sympathy and shots when it was realised his partner had not turned up. However he does not appear to have got any. Lesley and Sandra were the winners, but nobody was offering the actual score. All square.

Match 10

Another match which swung one way and then the other, with Roseanna and Carol taking an early 2-hole lead but then the men, Nick and Graham, fought back to win 4/3

Afterwards there was some excellent food and wine enjoyed by all, proceeded by the Lady Captain presenting the trophy to Keith, as the Sussex Golf Captains won 8 - 2.  After the meal Keith praised the home captain, Niall, as he supplied all the drinks and nibbles at the halfway hut and then the first drink for all at the bar before dinner, very generous. Keith then wished us all a safe journey home, which was needed as the roads were awash with water.

Ian Potter

Vice Captain Elect