London v Sussex at Finchley 2021

Thursday, 1 July 2021

It was a bright and breezy day that greeted the Sussex Golf Captains as they ventured north to Finchley. The Club is in a magnificent setting, having been a prestigious house in its day – impressive stained-glass windows, a testament to its former glory.

The received hospitality was excellent, notably the triple-cooked chips and the sandwiches, which even had the crusts cut off to assist the more aged members! A nice touch I thought.

Teams announced, handicaps resolved (thank you new WHS system), we proceeded to the course to commence hostilities.  

Keith and Nigel   Lost 3/2

Captain “Lemsip” Talbot was well under par but sadly not in the golfing sense.

So, it was left to Nigel to battle John and Gerry with just the odd bit of help.

2 down at the turn Sussex could not claw it back. Gerry even ran his trolley into a ditch but that didn’t help

Peter and Colin   Lost 3/2

Peter putted with great effect, but Colin did not have his finest day.

Warren and Henrique warmed to the task and Peter said they had been robbed.

Joe and Norman   Lost 3/2

Benefiting from more than a few shots the 2 locals Craig and Colin fought back from 3 down to run out easy winners. Norm “2 shots” was delightful company as were the opponents. We all enjoyed the chips!

Terry and Dave   Won 5/4

Terry conceding many shots played extremely well and enjoyed a very good Course.

Peter and Irvine were good fun.

Ian and Pete   Halved

Excellent match Sussex enjoyed early and late success going to 3 up with 5 to play so all square was not the best result, but our opponents were great sports and good company.

Andy and Mick   Won 3/2

Had a lovely day very tight game despite Colin’s birdie on stroke index 2

But we battled on to win in good company.

Peter and Nick   Lost 2/1

Great day lovely course in excellent condition. Hospitality was exceptional.

Peter didn’t fire on all cylinders and spent most of the time saying “good shot Klaus” off his 23 handicap!

John and Richard   Lost 2/1

Had a great game against Martin and Gordon both played some excellent golf.

Richard played well and John struggled with the rough and length of the course.

Nigel and David   Won 3/2

A game played in the true spirit of the game. Drew and Ted had many stories to tell many which were better than the golf. David won the important holes for Sussex.

Kevin and Tommy   Lost 6/5

The opposition teed off with only Peter and were all square after 2. Then Robin turned up and chipped in on the 3rd. Robin never 3 putted at all day!!


The post-match hospitality continued the high standard, with Pimms on offer as the players came off the course. (The exception being our Captain who was provided with another Lemsip!). A first class dinner ensued during which Chairman Klaus delivered a fine eulogy to Peter Cansick, the 2019 London Captain who died recently. Peter was a fine player, who’s company on and off the course was greatly valued.

Then the irrepressible John Nugent (London’s V/C) strutted his stuff, a natural performer supplying insults and compliments in equal measure. He even gave away the result. Naughty!!!

Finally, the ailing Captain Keith delivered his thanks for such a great day, highlighting many aspects though notably not his golf. Finchley have definitely set the bar high for future London venues. Concluding with an Irish joke and a toast to the winning team, the proceedings closed, leaving a happy band of golfers to set out for home…….

Nigel Wates