Sussex v Kent at Worthing 2021

Friday, 27 August 2021

A cloudy, breezy day greeted our friends from Kent, aptly led by Captain Skipper. The traditional lunch of chips (some thin, some fat reflecting the proportions of the participants) and sandwiches was followed by Club Captain Ivor Lane welcoming everyone to Worthing. The announcement of the pairings met with the usual partisan comments and jibes.

And so, it began…

Captain Keith Talbot, accompanied by the aforementioned Ivor led the way against Captain Skipper and first mate, Nigel Dingwall. Early success for the home team was quickly snuffed out, followed by a succession of halves. Gradually, the visitors established a 2-hole lead, held to the turn. The match then entered an alternate win phase with even Captain Keith joining in from the 13th, having AWOL for several holes. With Peter and Nigel playing steadily and putting well and despite Ivor’s valiant efforts, the Sussex duo finally succumbed on the 17th, losing 2&1.

Second out were Sussex stalwarts, Brian Street and President Dave “Santa” Wilkins versus Kent’s past President William Albery and sidekick Paul Fraser. All square after 9, a heated discussion about handicaps ensued, which provided the motivation for Sussex’s finest to secure a 4&2 victory as Kent ran out of steam.

Third up saw Vice-Captain Joe Angella with Pete Brookshaw representing Sussex against Kent’s V/C Lynn Mercer and partner Terry Ralph. An evenly matched contest throughout concluded in an honourable half.

In match 4, Sussex’s Dave Webb (no, not the ex-Chelsea & Bournemouth footballer) teamed up with Andy Lamb (no relation to Larry) to challenge Mike Stephens and Jim Baynes (not the old Crossroads character). The boys from the “Garden of England” got off to a flying start, racing into a 3-up lead. Facing an uphill battle to pull level, the dynamic duo dug in and got it back to just 1 down. Alas it was to no avail, as Kent secured a win and a half to get across the line 2&1.

In the fifth game young Nigel Wates partnered Colin “seen many summers” Prior in taking on Kent’s Barry Plumb and Mike Muro. It was Colin who put Sussex in a commanding lead with some “bullseye” putting, leading to them being 2 up with 4 to play. Undaunted, Kent retaliated with their own great putting, holing 3 single putts to earn a spirited half. Dam!!

Entering the second half of the matches, the sixth group saw Sussex’s Terry Vanhinsbergh and David Sinden vanquish Kent’s John Johnson and Andy Duncan but not without an early scare. TVH went in search of some wayward drives so David fought a rear-guard action to limit the damage. In a game of two halves, Terry then found his ball and his game to give David some timely support. David, revelling in this, holed some “snaky” putts to enable our heroes to romp home 4&3.

Seventh out had Andrew Newman and Des Malcolm pitched against Kent’s SAS. (Skinner & Streatfield). The latter “dared to win”, though not without some drama as the Sussex duo fought back from dormy 4 down to finally lose on the 18th – 1 down.

Noble effort chaps!

Next out, at no8 were the Sussex fantasy team of Harry (Ian) Potter and Andy P (lowright) against Andy G(ee) and Pete Morris. Seemingly the front 9 was an Andy-free zone as Harry & Peter fought a duel. Apparently, Andy P then appeared on stage to dominate the play and ensure the home side cruised to a 4&3 triumph. Magic!

In the ninth berth were Norman Beaney and John Macauley for the locals and Chris Hill and Tony Davies for the opposition. For a long period, there was nothing to choose between them but eventually Kent’s lower handicaps prevailed, and the away team registered a 3&2 success.

Last but by no means least, were the anchor pairing of Simon Watts and Brian Fairbrass for Sussex and David Aldread and Peter Woodward-Bailey for Kent.

A half at the first looked promising but then Kent took control and rapidly compiled a 4-up lead. A brief stop for chocolate revived the Seasiders, who eventually pegged back the visitors to all square on the 16th. This remained unchanged so hands were shaken on a well merited half for both sides.


Post-match dinner was a triumph and Worthing can be justly proud of their hospitality throughout the Clubhouse. Captain Keith’s speech contained the usual tributes and one laugh leaving visiting skipper Skipper to announce the result to rapturous Kent team. Ah well…….

Mutual toasts having been exchanged, the players from both sides took their leave, perhaps to ponder “when people attend Alcoholics Anonymous, why is it the first thing they do is to tell everyone their name?”

Keith Talbot