Wiltshire v Sussex at North Wilts 2021

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

On day two (or three for some) a nice breakfast and then a leisurely drive to North Wilts Golf Club. After a sandwich and chips lunch the Captains read out the pairings amidst some usual banter. Preparations were made and first tee at 1.00pm.

Game 1 saw Captain Keith booking himself a safe win by choosing Craig Millyard of 1 as his partner. Wiltshire have found a Captain more vertically challenged than Keith much to the amusement of one Sussex player. The Wilts pair started well but our boys turned it around to be 3up at the turn. A hard-fought game with both help and abuse from the home pair, but Keith and Craig ran out 2&1 winners.

Game 2 saw Peter Ward and Derek May paired and giving 24 shots to one of the opponents. It started as a very even game but eventually the shots began to tell. It should be noted that Gordon from Wilts was endowed with age as well as the shots and his experience eventually told. A 3&2 win to Wiltshire.

Game 3 with President Dave ( Santa) Wilkins paired with Dave Balfour, the two Dave’s blended well and enjoyed the company of the two from Wilts. They commented on a great course that was in good condition but not a lot on the actual game. Perhaps not to rub it in as they won 5&4.

Game 4 had Vice Captain Joe Angella with Secretary Mark Terry who were giving a considerable number of shots to Dave and Howard from Wilts. They made full use of the shots and entertained our pair with a ‘dance’ every time they won a hole. A well-earned half.

Game 5 now this pair caused some fun on the announcement of the pairings. Our tallest, Andy Plowright, and our shortest player, Micky Grimes together. The usual stick from the rest of the team but Micky was pleased to see the Wilts Captain was even shorter. On the course a close game but giving 3 shots in the last 5 holes proved too much. Our pair eventually lost on the 18th - 2 down,

Game 6 - Ian ‘Harry’ Potter and Andy Lamb came across a pair playing well, who also had a little luck which did not rub off on the Sussex pair. To be honest our pair played awful golf and deserved to lose 6&5

Game 7 - The ever-reliable Rod England and big hitting Richard Jays led from the beginning to go 2 up and gradually increased the lead to take the game 5&4.

Game 8 - Ever consistent Nigel Wates and returning from injury Tony Baulkham commented on a fabulous game and that the course was in good condition. They claimed they needed more shots, and this eventually took its toll as they lost 1 down

Result a 4½ - 3½ win for Wiltshire. This was followed by another Steak & Ale Pie, but much better pastry than the night before. Dinner was staggered and seemed to finish quickly. After the speeches the ‘Tourers’ got in the cars to drive to the Devizes accommodation and the serious business of the evening drinking.

Ian ( Harry ) Potter