Sussex Golf Captains

Keeping the honour

The History of The Sussex Golf Captains - 1964-2014 - Download Booklet

The idea of forming a Society of Sussex Golf Captains emanated from Mr Jimmy Hull a Past Captain of Peacehaven Golf Club.

He discussed its possibility with Mr A.E Lee Hon Secretary of the club, and it was decided that enquiries be made amongst the many past Captains at Peacehaven and other local clubs for their reactions to the idea and ascertain support there may be for such a society.

Mr Hull and Mr Lee sent a letter to all 35 golf clubs in the county (as there were then) initially with little success.  After which the two gentlemen made personal visits to the Sussex golf clubs with letters addressed to every reigning Captain.

Mr Hull had family connections in Gloucestershire who already had a Captains' Society and it was its set of rules that he proposed to adopt should the formation of the society be successful.

After receiving 25 positive replies it was deemed to be very encouraging and it was decided to call a meeting of all interested parties.  With the support Mr H.W Andrews Captain of Seaford Golf Club, East Blatchington a meeting was held there on 22nd February 1964.

14 Captains' attended this meeting and many letters of apology were received wishing the society well if formed.

The meeting was indeed a great success and it was proposed, from the floor, that the society be formed and called The Society of Sussex Golf Captains, and that the rules of the Gloucestershire Captains be adopted with suitable amendments as required.

The following officers were elected:

     President: Sir George Coldstream KCB, KVCO, QC (Seaford)

     Vice President: Capt, A.F Akhurst, CBE, RN (Seaford)

     Captain: Mr J.C.G Hull (Peacehaven)

     Hon. Sec: Mr A.E Lee (Peacehaven)

     Hon. Treasurer: Mr J Wilkinson (Peacehaven)

     Committee: Mr H.R.T Sayers (Brighton & Hove)

     Mr R.A Gray (Waterhall)

     Mr M.E Parker (Seaford Head)

Again, through the generosity of Mr H.W Andrews, who gave courtesy of the course to the society, the Spring Meeting was held with resounding success and so the society was truly off to a good start.

Since 1964 the society has grown to over 500 members represented from 50 different Sussex golf clubs and at the 2004 AGM the name was changed to The Sussex Golf Captains.

Jimmy Hull

A.E Joe Lee

Sir George Coldstream