Cornwall v Sussex at Mullion

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After a long journey down to Cornwall  our squad of sixteen assembled at the Premier Inn, Helston for our pre match dinner at the ajoining May Tree hostelry and welcoming hospitality from Captain Peter ‘ Tarzipan” Ward. Pairings were announced, the Captain’s very generous supply of quality red wine consumed and we were all fired up and ready to go!


On arrival at Mullion Golf Club we were faced with a thick mist, a strong breeze and a very warm reception from our Hosts.

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Match 1 – Leading from the front our illustrious Captain took a little time to find the correct gear but finished in fine style playing some outstanding golf over the closing holes. The VC helped early on. The Mullion IPC was one minute dressed for the Caribbean, the next from the North Pole – a Geordie Lad by birth ( and accent), he seemed to struggle to find his true identity – not sure what the Cornwall Captain made of him! He was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction but seemed to have difficulty going there himself. Win for Sussex 2 Up.


Match 2 – Big Joe Angella, supported (if that’s the right word) by the sometimes disabled Mike Davis, sneeked home 1Up. Well done boys. Joe thought it was a lovely course, reminding him of his rugged Sicilian ancestry – in his comments on the match he mentioned that “Mike did something” – not sure what - but between them they definitely had a cracking day with excellent company.


Match 3 – Star performer Nigel Wates  ( taking time out from his year 2 City and Guilds Course in Bar Management) together with the ever sociable Santa Wilkins kept the winning streak going with another 1 Up victory. Most of the time they had no idea where they were going ( not sure if that was the mist or not) but their opponents  kept telling them where to hit the ball and that’s precisely what they did . Santa delivered his final present to Cornwall by holing the winning put on the 18th. Lovely jubbley!


Match 4 – Hint of bitterness here! Quote “ we think we can remember the President ( who is it this year by the way ) making one contribution in the match”. Poor old Richard  Jays was finally unable to shoulder the burden of carrying our President Neil Smith  for all 18 holes. 3 down after 3, all square after  9, they ultimately  faded and lost 3 &2. No disgrace but they were heard to say after the match that the course might be better enjoyed in the Summer!


Match 5 – Our big boys, Hon Sec Mark and Andy Plowright did well in the early mist and enjoyed a close encounter for the front 9. Shame the weather improved for once they were able to see the weathered Celtic appearance of their opponents it seemed to distract them. Thereafter they were dogged by ill luck ( never heard that one before) and lost on the 17th. I know they shared some funny stories with their playing partners which led to a clear warning to stay away from some of the local cider! They stuck to the beer instead!


Match 6 – Limited input from Ron Adams and IPC Brian Street – this is the best they could do “ 2 Up when the fog was thick, when it lifted we were thrashed – lost 4&3”. Brian has been writing these reports for years so he can be forgiven for inviting Ron to compile their comments. I have my own view as to why Ron felt unable to say more – I’ve seen his “thank you email to Mark, Peter and Santa – he room shared with “Del Boy’ and went out of his way to thank Derek for “putting up me”.  Hmmm – sex can be very distracting when you are on tour!


Match 7 – Lloyds Bank’s Standing Order Clerk of the year ( 1972) Ian Potter and Gardening World’s Keith Talbot got the team back on track with a convincing 3 & 2 win. The match was contested in great spirit with brilliant opponents and they all seemed to make light of the weather. The scoring was ‘nip and tuck’ most of the round until ‘out heros ‘ ( Ian’s words not mine ) went 2up and finally ran in winners. I am sure Ian learned a lot from playing with Keith – if only the need to drink a little more lime and soda!


Match 8 – ‘Midred’, the Receiver, Knight and “Del Boy’ Derek May lost 3&2. Their opponents never complained about the weather saying it was quite normal for the time of year. Our boys described it as “dreadful’. They account for their loss ‘as having to give 4 shots to a local Member who knew the course well’. Surprise surprise!  At least Harold was pleased to discover on his return to the bar that a High Chair had been booked for his arrival at The Thatch!


So  4-4 the final score and an excellent day out . Our hosts were great company and generous. Dinner was first class and Peter was delighted to get such a good result for his first Away match as our Captain. Never easy to secure points on our trips to the South West so everything augers well for a successful season.


Phil Williamson

Vice Captain

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