Newsletter from The Hon Sec

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Many of you will know that I have personally designed and maintained our website since its inception in 2008 with little cost to our organisation.  As technology moves on we have reached a time when the current software being used to build the website is no longer supported.

Therefore, new updated software has been purchased and you will see the launch of a new website in January 2020.  It will have all the features of the current website and will be just as easy to navigate.  


I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to always check our website for the latest versions of start sheets and team selections as well as to enter competitions and send your match requests.  All the 2020 fixtures ‘go live’ on January 1st. Entering online is the quickest and preferred method for competition entries. 

The physical task of collating subs, addressing envelopes adding books then attaching a stamp to 540 yearbooks means that they will not arrive until the second week of January at the earliest!



There are a couple of new conditions for entry next year.  Firstly, Professional’s Day at Copthorne is now only for Sussex Club Head Professionals or assistants playing with three Captains.  The competition was always intended to be for club Professionals to enjoy a day out with past or current Club Captains and we are hoping to replicate that.


Secondly, you will have noticed that version numbers of start sheets often reach double figures. Whilst we understand that illness and late appointments sometimes get in the way of your original plans for the year we would like to make it clear that if you have to withdraw from an event you must find a replacement.  

It is unacceptable to have a two-ball playing in the middle of the field when a pair has dropped out at short notice.  Entry fees will not be refunded once the start sheet has been published therefore it is in your responsibility to find a replacement player or players.  The organisation is invoiced by the venue according to the number of players on the final start sheet with no recompense.



We would very much like to encourage other members to participate in county matches.  Remember you have to express an interest in playing in matches using the online match request form (or the tear out slip in yearbook) to be selected.  

We do not randomly pick members to play in matches - we have to know that you are willing and able!  


You will notice next year that the matches v the Sussex Lady Captains and against the Sussex Secretaries and Managers are now open to all members. The Ladies at the SLC-SGA have also initiated a Mixed Better Ball Competition which you can also apply to play in using the match request form.  


Thank you for all your support and I am happy to report another successful year with The Sussex Golf Captains.  Here's to 2020 and beyond.

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